Video from the sets of Venom 3 reveals Tom Hardy’s return and teases sequel to crossover with MCU.

Tom Hardy’s lead Eddie Brock can be seen in a new video from the set of the upcoming Venom 3, with behind-the-scenes photos from the character trilogy’s finale revealing some interesting details from the film. Hardy will return as Eddie in his third major film, proving that the Venom franchise is very attractive to Sony’s Spider-Man universe. According to Box Office Mojo, 2018’s Venom ended its run with $856 million at the worldwide box office, while 2021’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage managed to gross $506.8 million at the box office despite the impact of the pandemic . Sony intends to continue this series of successes with the long-awaited Venom 3.

On Twitter, @Almupg80 and @QuidVacuo shared a video and pictures from the sets of the upcoming Venom 3. In the set video, Hardy can be seen as Eddie Brock while the character is seen walking while talking to Venom. The set photos reveal some interesting details from the film, confirming that the film’s setting in Mexico will include a Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) celebration. Check out photos and video of the Venom 3 set below:

How Venom 3 moves on from Venom 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home

Although the hero is named in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, the Marvel character has yet to be revealed. Well, technically he appeared in the end credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, but Tom Holland’s Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t make it to the SSU, instead he was moved to the MCU for the end credits scene.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s mid-credits scene continues from the point in the film where Eddie Brock and Venom are enjoying the beach in Mexico after Carnage is defeated, showing Hardy’s character back in his room, Took to UCM and saw Holland’s spider. The man on television. Subsequently, Spider-Man: No Way Home saw Eddie Brock learning MCU history from a bartender before being sent back to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe before getting the chance to meet Holland’s Spider-Man.

While it’s unknown whether or not Holland’s Spider-Man will appear in the Venom trilogy finale, the character’s presence will certainly help Venom 3’s box office battle with DC’s Joker: Folie à Deux. Even if Spider-Man doesn’t appear in Venom 3, the film will at least continue to follow Eddie’s multidimensional travels in Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home, set photos and videos reveal The setting is that at least part of the Venom 3 film will be in Mexico, where it was in the previous two films, during the Día de Muertos holiday, as Venom 3 follows the crossover between the franchise and the MCU.

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