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The fact that the game world is increasingly invading other territories is now a fact. With technological progress capable of creating extremely realistic and exquisite products, in recent years, video game titles continue to follow each other, which, combining incredible cinematic visualization, immersive story and extremely immersive gaming experience, can be considered works of art with all effects.

Therefore, it is not surprising if the professional figure of a video game developer is often compared to the figure of a real superstar. Among the many, the name of an innovative Japanese manufacturer certainly stands out. Hideo Kojima (Tokyo, 1963).

Documentary about Hideo Kojima.

Considered around the world as a true revolutionary genius, Kojima was able to take the gaming industry to the next level with the creation of milestones such as Metal Gear Solid AND Death. This is the success of the Japanese developer, accumulated over time, the glory that carries on his shoulders more than forty years of a career that is destined not to end there. But every self-respecting dedication could not do without the creation of a biopic.

Authorized Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worldsthis new documentary promises to be a journey into the volcanic mind of a famous author who takes advantage of the presence of other important stars (such as Grimes, Nicholas Winding Refn AND Guillermo del Toro) to weave the threads of a polyphonic story: from a long period of work in a video game studio Konami before creating his own independent studio. director british director Glen Milner (already known to the general public Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Stories), and presented Film works in collaboration with PlayStation Studios AND Kojima Productionsthe film recently debuted in the latest release Tribeca Film Festival in New York..

Game developer like a god

Despite the relevance of the topic, this is not the first time cinema has taken the stage to tell both the video game universe and its protagonists. In fact, since the late 80s, numerous films have been devoted to the exciting world of video games and the mystical aura of their creators.

Among them, it is necessary to mention Great little video game wizard – director Tom Holland Released in 1989 and addressed to all Nintendo fans, this is perhaps the first film to depict the gaming industry as an incredibly mainstream phenomenon. existence From David Cronenberg (where the character of the game designer Allegra Geller he is worshiped as if she were a goddess) and most recently Ready player number oneFrom Steven Spielberg.

Anticipating what we are experiencing first hand today, all these examples only shed light on a particularly interesting case, such as the reduction of barriers between a niche dimension and another, clearly more mainstream one. Is it finally time to look at video games with completely new eyes?

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