Video: Ghost Cow, 10 stunts in a minute

Many animals have broken records for basic tricks over the years, such as cats, dogs, parrots and even pigs, but no cow has ever set a Guinness record in this area. (read: Guinness Book of Records for oldest, tallest and smallest cows)

Ghost is a four-year-old Charolais cow owned by Megan Reimann of Nebraska, USA. A new record was set for the most cows performing in one minute, bringing the total to 10.

This amazing animal is able to perform these tricks:

According to Lehman’s statement in the Guinness Book of Records, Ghosts can perform a large and growing number of tricks, including the ability to distinguish colors.

Lehman mentioned, “From the first moment I saw Phantom, I knew she was special,” adding, “Then, I decided she was going to be even more special.”

This brave lady teaches riding lessons, so when she saw this cow, she decided to apply her methods to her favorite cow.

The first trick the ghost learns is spinning in Lehman continued to train her and steadily added to her arsenal of techniques.

However, The producer never expected that the cow would win the Guinness World Records title., until one day he saw an article on the web. (read: Cow breaks milk production world record at ExpoZebu competition)

“It was really interesting, so I went to see what records were out there on cattle and was surprised that there weren’t any … so we started to see if we could do it,” Lehman said.

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