Video: Here’s what it was-Stating, before you will be famous in mini bikini, to win, the fans are GETTING!


Almost all of the artists have one thing in common, it’s a humble beginning, filled with opportunities to be mediocre, and that only people with a clear purpose and a great belief he would win it with the hope to make their dreams come true.

The popular singer is, without a doubt, is a clear example of the effort and dedication of more than 30-year career in the music and it shows in more than 20 countries, and She is an artist that is enshrined in the history of colombian music.

But She hasn’t always been the woman’s much-loved in colombia, and was the guest of honour of the biggest event in the world, our beloved singer has had a beginning, the most humble in the world of the play.

Before singing and dancing for millions, She rested for the cameras as a model, and without a thought that a day would come quite so far away. In the video, we see a young woman, She’s very different to the life of thief of hearts, that we are all familiar with.

The reason for their popularity lies not only in his unique talents, the colombian was loved for his personal qualities, because of which, year after year after year, she makes generous donations to various causes.

Without a doubt, She should not feel embarrassed about her hard beginnings, and thanks to their efforts, today you have a foundation with which to help the thousands of children of low-income with their studies, food, and other necessities.