Video in front of the mirror just like this! Sommer Ray it leaves us without words!


Sommer Ray has all Instagram unhinged by their videos. Already been able to verify that the images you capture your camera are absolutely magnetic, and you can’t let go.

The u.s., like other influencers, has had to work hard to get the job of your dreams. The fitness by taste, it became the center of his life. The difference is that Sommer has a dedication to inspire others and fall in love with him even more. Recently, it gave a publication exhibitionist, causing the imagination of his followers to fly free.

Is presented in front of the mirror for an exercise room, with its appearance crazy as always and a set sporty tiny. The top has a print of various colors, and the short runs from the hip to the middle of his rear. Against all odds, the suit adhered to her body in a very flattering. It could be seen your figure professional, with the ideal dimensions that only provides the best care. Started the video, dancing, singing Time Flies Drake and went on to do a routine. In the comments it managed to feel the enthusiasm.

The secret of Sommer Ray to tone the buttocks

As it has done on more than one occasion, leveraging his fame on Instagram to promote their products. Said to be: So excited to release these bands. With all the networking experience that its 23 years has turned a businesswoman and teacher fitness. So he used his band to do some exercises.

The first is to extend the leg to the sides, taking care to climb with patience until they reach the height of the hips. The effort serves to enhance the buttocks, hips and abdominal muscles low. For the following, perform squats with small jumps around. You have to press the buttocks up, that way, Sommer Ray get your muscles are active and have the motivation to grow.