(VIDEO) Jujutsu Kaisen, Megan T Stallion becomes Sukuna in her new cosplay

Megan T Stallion this is certainly not new to those who are passionate about anime and manga. The American rapper has often publicly demonstrated her love for anime, especially My Hero Academia. In fact, last year she was photographed cosplaying protagonist Deku and Mirko, a professional heroine in a bunny-inspired costume.

The other day, the rapper spoke about her love for another recent series: Jujutsu Kaisen. In a very short video posted to her TikTok profile, the rapper is seen intent on preparing a cosplay for Sukuna, the king of curses and one of the series’ antagonists.

The video shows the rapper getting her hair done to play the character, and also shows her face at the end with full makeup and red tinted lenses in her eyes. In the description, the rapper wrote that one day she will learn how to edit videos and what she is watching now Jujutsu Kaisen and his favorite character is obviously Sukuna.

Reaction to Megan T’s new cosplay Stallion

The rapper’s fans exploded with excitement when they saw their chosen one in Sukuna’s shoes, and among the comments under the video there is one of them. Crunchiroll. The social media manager of the TikTok platform account wrote: “SUKUNA STALLION, QUEEN OF CURSE“.

The comments are written in different languages, which proves that both the rapper and Jujutsu Kaisen loved by fans around the world. Everyone thinks the cosplay is perfect (although it’s not finished yet) and are ready to bow down to it.

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Jujutsu Kaisen recently returned with the debut of the second season, but we’ll have to wait a few episodes to see the curse king in action. These first episodes of the new season will actually focus on the storyline of the past. GojoThe action takes place in those years when he was still a simple student at the Tokyo Institute of Occult Arts, along with Geto and Shoko. The season’s episodes are simulcast on Crunchyroll.

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