[Vidéo] Maldives : a tourist in a bikini arrested and rhabillée manu militari, of the completed police, excuse by yourself to


On a video-massive, disseminated through the social networks, a tourist English swimsuit with two parts, which can be mastered, not without resistance from the police Maldivians, for the enforcement of the Sharia in the country.

The Maldives are a Paradise on earth, makes Atoll, surrounded by turquoise waters and a unique biodiversity, where the Sharia applies. A contrast that is almost the only one, the shock may, if the suppression of the Islamic calls, the fine sandy beaches, the Trustee mostly of wealthy vacationers, the not like to of religious dogmas in power. The video of the arrest muscled an English-speaking tourists in bikini, massively relieved and on Twitter is an example of this.

“His crime to be in a bathing suit “

There is a certain Tarek Fatah, journalist, author pakistano-canadian is defined as a ” Marxist “, the the video on the social network. “A tourist with a bikini on a beach in the Maldives is completed and wrapped in a towel by the police, by the application of the Sharia, while taking the liberties by the women all over the body “he criticizes. On the extract you see so several people, including police officers, were for the tourist in a bathing suit, trying to scream from their disability. According to the militant anti-islam Mehdi Aifa, the him together, the sequence on Twitter, it was a tourist from Canada. “His crime to be in a bathing suit “regrets he.

According to other internet users to provide the pictures in a connection with others, which are collected before the situation escalates. It is not discovered, the young woman, visibly exceeded, face-to-face with their interlocutors, that they put the sum of your hand over them. Intentionally provocative, the sunglasses steals a COP. “Insubordination to the instructions of the local police, and violation of the physical integrity of a police officer “provides a user, while another sees in it “a video of the English bourrée “ make “correct” by the police. “The Islands of the Maldives, specifically for the tourists, so they dress so far from the local population, the Muslim “it is argued , a x-ten, who throws the the ” white “ believe “at home anywhere in the world “.

“Sharia law applies in an economic way “

The story does not say whether the action was in an area that normally tourists. In any case, Mehdi Aifa hypocrisy of it. “I take it you have the same speech against Nabilla in the string in the Maldives “loose-t-he-according to the reality starlet had not hesitated to take sides against the young Mila, bothered by his remarks about islam, a religion of love to be a part of his Church, ” followers “. “Sharia law applies in an economic way… “Mehdi includes Aifa.

The Maldivian police finally, in response to the polemic in a press release, a 7. February, in front of which the circumstances of the arrest, which took place on the holiday island of Meedhupparu. According to the text, the tourist, canadian, “the dressed was inappropriate, and probably intoxicated “refused , under the control of the authorities throw, leading to his arrest. She was finally released two hours later, without a court procedure. Mindful of the local regulations “limits of the port of swimwear in some areas of the island, where the life of the local communities “the security forces have finally, in their apology to the young woman, to the reaction “disproportionate” the police officials.

Monday, February 10, he is the President of the Council of the people, the Parliament set up, Mohamed Hameed, spoke to apologize in the chamber, the tourist, reported The Guardian. It was excuse to get confused, on Twitter there are a couple of days while he “the incident” was “handled incorrectly “.