(Video) Michael Jordan’s security didn’t recognize J. Balvin and took him away from him: His reaction was epic

J. Balvin walks toward Michael Jordan and the security chief pulls him away.

J.Barvin He is a famous singer who has given many Tell everything that happened to him. Recently, he met the famous basketball player Michael Jordan at an event. Throughout the process, the athlete’s security guard accompanied him. The country man wanted to get closer.

The bodyguard immediately told the translator:My unapproachable people, but Jordan recognized him and gave him a big hug.Apart fromThey also laughed for a while, After that chaos.

Netizens, don’t miss the opportunity to write something They thought about that moment. Where did they say that when they didn’t know him they would tell him Maluma or Manuel Turizo.

As happened the other day, when a man thinks he is a translator “Happy the 4” and J Balvin When he was confused, he couldn’t laugh. these are some cthe comments they left on the video, There was no shortage of laughter there either.

“He was doing his normal job,” “and Michael Jordan and his sneakers,” “When they didn’t know him, they would tell him Maluma or Manuel Turizo. πŸ˜‚”, “Poor πŸ˜‚ sometimes Maluma πŸ˜‚”, “The important thing is that Jordan did it πŸ˜β€, β€œIt will be because J Balvin’s simplicity has always been his hallmark. ! πŸ‘”, “And it needs to be approved by security inspection,” someone said.

J Balvin’s story captivates everyone.Recently, he admitted that he had Lost Instagram password, Therefore, he cannot reach his followers.Some people were worried because he hadn’t shown up for several days until he was at a party with his colleagues Paisha admitted what really happened to her.

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