Video of Cristiano Ronaldo nearly knocking over a photographer goes viral

cristiano ronaldo He is the protagonist of this game Al Nasr and Al Raad in the Saudi Arabian league, but not just because of his goals. During the confrontation, the Portuguese star, known for his powerful shooting and accurate free kicks, fired an impressive shot that hit the photographer on the scene. The incident occurred in the atmosphere of the sixth round match of the Saudi Championship, which Al Nasser won 3-1.

ronaldoHis ability on the field has been outstanding throughout his career and he scored the final goal for the team in the game. However, this unusual incident occurred during his set piece, but the ball slightly deviated from its path and hit the photographer directly on the head, and the photo went viral on social networks and media.

CR7 He took a free kick, but the shot was so powerful that it deflected to the left goal post and hit the head of the cameraman behind the goal. Although the photographer noticed the ball coming towards him, due to his working position he was unable to avoid the collision, resulting in a severe blow to his face.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his influence on photographers

The images capture the moment the photographer staggered and nearly fell as his colleagues rushed to his aid. When tracking the ball’s trajectory, the impact became apparent and the affected photographer was visibly stunned.

This is not the first time Christianity Such incidents have occurred, as on one occasion he accidentally bumped into a fan in the stands and he personally visited the fan to express his concern for the affected woman.

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