Video of Italian citizens Sing during the quarantine, the outbreak of the Corona Turned out to be a joke, Artis Hollywood Reacts to This


TRIBUNNEWSBOGOR.COM — You talk about warganet will not be endless, they are sometimes too creative, to fool the celebrity world, eh?

It all started with a video that shows the Italian people that a quarantine in the middle of the corona-virus.

Some videos uploaded, this version of the song is different.

The beginning of the song “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is Taylor Swift’s “I Rise” is one of Madonna, “Roar” belongs to Katy Perry to Shawn Mendes.

As it turns out, the video with the back sound of the song is very heavy just a joke.

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To respond through its social media accounts, some of the Hollywood stars, quickly, to such jokes in the middle of the outbreak of the corona virus.

Not crazy, the celebrities, the support it gives to the people, the quarantine against themselves.

“You can’t break the spirit of the people. We are United,” wrote Katy Perry accompanied the emoji heart and of the Italian flag, on his Twitter page, @katyperry.

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While Madonna also fell victim to the joke warganet there actually is support.

“Let us all rise, in all places around the world,” he wrote in the Twitter account of @Madonna.

Other again with the beloved singer Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, and it makes touched by the video, the joke-wonder warganet.

“Wow,” wrote Shawn accompanied emoji crying and the liver.

Warganet see the reaction of Shawn Mendes, he wrote, “Shawn is really deceived, how can anyone play the piano so fast”.

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