Video: Rihanna shows off her faces, the more contentious issues in front of the cameras, again and again and again


Rihanna has made it clear that she is a diva in the media

The singer and Rihanna is, without a doubt, the artist of the most beautiful in the world of entertainment, in addition to his music, and talent, and she has a beauty that is enviable.

The tone of the skin along with the tender in his eyes that causes her fans to die out of love for her, and it only sees it on the stage, and many went so far as to pass out from the excitement.

Recently, we have found a video on the social network Instagram, which let every fan of the artist they fell in love, because in the video, she is a beautiful compilation of the most emblematic of his life.

You can look at the audio-visual side of the most contentious issues of the artist, as when, for example, if you surprised, saddened , to know that what you are saying and when they’re on the bandwagon.

Among the comments from the picture we can point out: “what a beautiful woman is a woman, my god, my God, if you by any chance have you given any kind of operations, let me tell you it was worth it”,”you got me in love, my love,”