Video. Russia: an explosion in a bar in the Rostov region. At least 15 people were injured in Taganrog

At least 15 people were injured in an explosion at a bar in Taganrog in the Rostov region of Russia.. This was announced by the governor of the region Vasily Golubev, reports TASS. “Everyone who asked for medical help had minor shrapnel wounds. There are no victims,” Golubev wrote in a message on his Telegram channel.

According to the governor, allegedly it was the rocket that caused the explosion in the bar named after the Chekhov Garden.

The victims would need medical attention, they are being treated, according to reports from the Governor. All received minor shrapnel wounds.

Ukrainian troops, according to Moscow, hit Taganrog with the help of the S-200 air defense system converted into a strike version.

This was stated by the Russian Defense Ministry, according to RIA Novosti.. “Russian air defense systems detected a Ukrainian missile and intercepted it in flight,” the ministry said, adding that several people were injured and several buildings were damaged as a result of the shelling of the bar counter.

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