Video: Selena Gomez gives her a serenade for his new love, he Sees how he sings it!


Selena Gomez has stolen the hearts of all his fans

Selena Gomez is an american actress 27-year-old, who was known in recent years for her role in the series from Disney, and, among them, we highlight the “Wizards of Waverly place”.

In addition to this, the artist who in his time had a relationship with singer Justin Bieber’s, but, unfortunately, for all of his fans, the love affair between the two did not last long, the fact that Bieber got married to another woman.

They find themselves, during the two years of the social network of the artist, we found a video that left the fans in awe, once again, that Selena sings ” back to love.

This is a video of that talk, he mentions the following: “Some friends and I got together to do a little live performance of a Rare, hope you enjoy it as much as we did the link in the bio.

Among the clients are: “The voice of an angel. Breathtakingly beautiful,” “I wanted to tell you guys to vote for Selena at the iHeartAwards is the best on the lyrics …she can win….tweet with the tag #loseyoutoloveme #bestlyrics #iheartawards …..please, please, please,…she will need the support of our fans !!!!”.