Video. September 11, 2001 attacks: People jump from the tower before it collapses. Blinken: “Memory helps us in the fight against terrorism”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinkenremembering more than 3,000 casualties and 6,000 wounded about the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, he wanted to reiterate that those who work in the State Department he will never forget “that tragic daythe many lives lost and the first responders who rushed into danger to save them.”

Blinken wanted to remember “Even our colleagues were killed on this day in 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.”. That day, US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, two Marines and an official died after protests over a film about Muhammad that was deemed blasphemous. The Secretary of State said that “those who died on September 11th remind us why we must continue to fight those who commit terrorist acts,” adding that we need to work with other partners to “End the scourge of terrorism and ensure terrorists are held accountable for their crimes.”

“We often think about what happened on September 11, but I also remember September 12.”said New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a former police captain who was among the first responders on the day of the massacre. 22 years after the horrific attack on the World Trade Center, people are still dying.

Yesterday, on the eve of the attack, the fire brigade added 43 new names to its World Trade Center Memorial Wall, which memorializes firefighters who suffered from fatal diseases related to their humanitarian work among the contaminated rubble of the Twin Towers. Created 12 years ago with 55 names, it now has 331 names. – all of them are firefighters for whom the toxic fumes from the World Trade Center proved deadly, almost as deadly as the firefighters who died climbing the Twin Towers on the day of the worst terrorist attack on American soil.

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