Video-specifications and price Oppo A31


Specifications and price Oppo A31, Suitable For those who Hp Find with Large storage space

TRIBUNJATENG.COM SEMARANG – The following Video specifications and price oppo A31

Oppo some time ago officially launched mobile phone new, namely the Oppo A31.

Phone this then completes the ranks of the Oppo-phones that were there before you.

How is the price and the specifications?

A promoter in Outlets Sinar Mas Cellular Plasa Simpang Lima Semarang Slamet explained Fajar Septiawan, Oppo A31 comes with one of the variants of memory, so 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB ROM.

DFajar mentioned, memory is one of the advantages that brought Oppo A31.

“Oppo A31 is suitable for those who want a phone with large memory.

Oppo A31 price on Rp 2.599.000,” said Dawn, Saturday (14/3/2020).

Good for those who want to know the specifications, lays dawn the Oppo A31 has a landscape screen of 6.5 inches.