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The party in the Forest was complete, because Gymnastics won, liked and thrashed, which is what every fan dreams of. And it was on the way back home, the “Juan Carmelo Zerillo”, who yesterday afternoon was a hymn to joy and hope.

El Lobo won 5-2 in a great match, against a tough opponent, who plays well and arrived at the Stadium at 60 and 118 with aspirations to continue fighting for the title with River. But this “utilitarian” team that Nestor Gorosito has formed once again demonstrated that it adapts to everything. That never surrenders and pursues a very clear north. Before the match with San Lorenzo Pipo said, “we will see if he gives us the leather or not” for the final stretch. But in the head of all Gymnastics the idea of ​​the South American took flesh and yesterday he took an important step defeating the “T” without leaving any doubts.

The Mens Sana played with great dedication, they bit, fought and scored five goals! to a very complicated team. Except for a few minutes of the complement where the visit discounted twice, the local team always managed the game. Rodrigo Rey was never rallied nor was he in danger. From the bottom, with dedication he built the victory. In the middle, he cut the game circuit of the noodle set; and above, it practically converted what it generated.

The party started stick and stick. The ball was coming from one area to the other. Both knew that the tie was not serving them and they went out to play with great ferocity and good rhythm.

Taking advantage of a stopped ball executed by Luis Rodríguez, Johan Carbonero struck, went ahead of everyone and opened the scoring by pushing in the goal of the Forest.

It was played intense, and the visit losing, even more. Rey covered the goal to Valoyes and shortly after Santos almost converted, taking advantage of a doubt between Guiffrey and Rey. The ball went just over the top.

Talleres handled the ball but it did not hurt Gimnasia, who was standing firmly behind, while in the middle, Laws ran everyone along with Insaurralde. After a long time, a free kick from Pulga that went very close to the right post started the “uuuhhh” from Triperío.

Little by little, the initial intense rhythm was decreasing, also a product of the heat.

The Flea on 38 minutes took the ball and faced for the goal of Guido Herrera, enabled for the right where Ramírez was going, the Pearl defined and after the rebound in Herrera, defined from a closed angle for the 2-0.

The Wolf went to rest winning with authority, but knowing that he could not relax against a dangerous rival.

So it was. The complement started intensely, with the Lobo pressing and the Cordobans making the ball circulate. On a climb to the right, after a center from Tenaglia to the far post, Enzo Díaz and Gerometta went to look for her, and the ball ended up inside the goal. The visit discounted and doubts flew overhead in the Forest, but they were quickly cleared because just a minute later after a great pass from Ramírez, Pulga defined from the penalty spot with a right hand and 3-1.

It was 9 minutes and anything could happen. The game heated up. Strong legs, protests and a poor refereeing that left the zone liberated. Komar’s head discounted for the visit and the game was still open. But the Wolf never despaired, he took care of the difference with a solvent task from Morales and looked against the despair of Talleres.

Intense match, at times played to a thousand. The Wolf beat the “T” with authority

The local played with a lot of character, Bochi Licht grew in the brand and the projection and put a great pass to Holgado, Herrera went crazy, and went down to the forward. It was criminal and the judge should have expelled Herrera, who already had a yellow card. But it did not.

Licht stood in front of the ball and with a great category he executed the penalty, soft, to one stick, while the goalkeeper scattered on the other. 4 to 2 and the Forest deservedly chanted the Bochi who played with the soul.

The party had 15 left and changes were happening. Each technician rearranged his chips. And Gorosito made their debut for kids Guillermo Enrique (down the right lane) and Benjamin Domínguez (forward). And there was still one more scream.

Foul against Gerometta in the area. Penal. Alemán hung it from the left corner and sealed the final 5-2 win in injury time.

The Wolf returned to the Forest, and yesterday, the people really left happy.

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