Video TikTok, WHICH, in contrast to the Hoax-Virus-Corona-COVID-19


VIVA – The world health organization (WHO) a few days ago create an account, TikTok as part of the fight against the hoax about the corona virus (COVID-19) online.

Quoted from the site The Verge, Sunday, may 1. March 2020, the first video that you made can be made with Benedetta Allegranzi, technical lead, infection prevention and control are described the steps to protect yourself from COVID-19.

“We come with the TikTok, to give them the advice of the public health, reliable and on time,” the WHO said in the video description first.

To explain additionally, the control measures that you will take the user to the website for more information. Since the old platform was filled with memes about the epidemic and some of the users create the content string.

In one case, a teenager made a video that shows a friend they are the first Canadian confirmed corona suffer virus. The number of these events, the Chinese company is yet to give its comments.

Steps to be a part of their work with accurate information about COVID-19. According to mit Technology Review, the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has spent on fighting the last couple of weeks, it’s the Doc’s on the platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

The information that you are also able to, at the top of a Google search. Users of Facebook has also been directed to learn the trusted websites to find out more about this outbreak. The same is true for Twitter users.

The partnership that you build, similar to how you react to the criticism of anti-vaccine social media in the last few years. The to provide THE plans, detailed information in Insragam.