video.Woman goes on holiday with bacterial infection; legs and hands amputated

Luz Marina Contrerasa woman would originate from ColombiaI dream of visiting the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugalso he left in June this year holidaybut what should have been a pleasant experience turned into I’ll tag her for the rest of my life.

during your stay start to get sickso he went to the doctor, who explained that he proposed a toxic shock syndrome by one bacteria it’s known Streptococcus pyogenes.Although this bacterium is common, in some cases can be fatalbecause in the skin I may cause cellulite Necrotizing Fasciitis,freed toxin That destroy tissue.

That’s what happened to Luz Marina Contreras, 50, who Death begins to appear in his organization.first introduce all organs fail Later his limbs began to die.

They don’t know where or how he got the bacteria

Although Doctors try to restore his leg and hand Through treatment, this it’s out of the question So last August 15th they had to amputate His leg, this Wednesday they grabbed his hand.

Doctors in the intensive care unit (ICU) still don’t know when, how and where he contracted the bacteria.

Luz Marina’s daughter, Lina, said that despite the seriousness of the case, she remained strong. Instagram and Tik Tok updated on his mother’s situation, and How is treatment going? to fight bacteria.

Even this Tuesday, August 15th, leg amputation surgeryPosted a video in which Luz Marina thanked everyone who cared about her health and those who cared about her health. They donated money to go to Europe for treatmentwhich also allows him to be with his family.

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