VIDEO: Yanet García makes a diet side and swallow huge pizza


Los Angeles, USA.- It is not a secret that Yanet Garcia is a women fitness more famous television and social networks, because they often share tips for healthy eating and exercise to maintain an enviable figure.

However, not everything have to be so strict, since the regiomontana of 29 years old published a couple of stories in your account of Instagram where it shows how to devour a huge pizza pepperoni next to her boyfriend, Lewis Howes.

In the videos it looks to the excoductora of Today celebrating that it was “Sunday pizza” while your partner sniffs at the box with excitement. Then proceed to eat the delicacy under the phrase: “¡Qué rico!”.

Yanet Garcia has become a phenomenon of Instagramsince , thanks to the daring photos where boasts its colossal rear guard has won the hearts of 12.9 followers.