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Video: Yeferson Cossio changed his ‘look’ and says he looks like Justin Bieber

Photo taken from Instagram @YefersonCossio
Photo taken from Instagram @YefersonCossio

The famous Antioquia influencer Yeferson Cossio it continues to give something to talk about; This time, for the drastic change in look that was made and that he shared on his official Instagram account, where he has almost 6 million followers, who did not hesitate to react.

Through posts, as well as stories, the content creator went from having black hair to being blonde: a situation that caused him criticism, teasing, memes and even comparisons by Internet users.

The publications were made this Friday, August 27 and since the I post, His followers have not stopped commenting on him and even looking for similarities with other celebrities such as the Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

It seems that Cintia Cossio, sister of the influencer, he was the one who dyed her hair. However, as he himself revealed on his social networks, he did not think that the change would be so radical; After ‘hitting himself’ he decided to tease him and make jokes about his new physical appearance.

“I shouldn’t have. What did I do, why? I was fine, ”he said in an apparently scared tone.

In other of Cossio’s Instagram stories, and that were reposted by gossip pages, he is heard singing Baby one of Justin Bieber’s successes, where he even appears, styled as the international interpreter.

“Tomorrow I’m going to shave”; “I am an aunt, I look like an aunt”, says the young man in his publications. In addition, Yeferson showed the teasing he receives from his fans; there was one who compared him to Prince Charming from the animated film Shrek. Other reactions from his followers were:

“You look like your sister”, “you look like that color”, “all a diva”, “you are the blonde prince of my dreams”, “you are my aunt”, “you look beautiful”, “you are the best” and “I thought it was the sister”, they commented to him.


The Colombian singer Mike Bahía, jury of that program, brought influencers Yeferson Cossio and Jennifer Muriel, who surprised their millions of followers by posting some videos there.

“Over here we are on the reality set where Mike is a coach. He invited us, we accepted, and we came. Thank you old Mike for the invitation (…) What to be so spectacular! ”, also expressed the Paisa model, remembered for fulfilling a challenge for social networks that consisted of implanting silicones in the chest.

Later, the three Colombians chatted in a luxurious restaurant in Lima, where they showed that they are quite close, although few of their followers knew about it.

“I have special guests tonight. Good people ”, wrote Mike Bahía through a publication he made with Jenn and ‘Yefito’, as his closest ones call him.

It is key to mention that the interpreter of hits such as ‘Serenata’ and ‘Buscándote’ has been one of the most applauded coaches of the current season of the Peruvian version of ‘La voz’, as evidenced by the thousands of comments he receives in his social networks by colleagues, colleagues and viewers of the program.

“The program is running out and I only have a feeling of enormous gratitude with each one of those who have been part of this project, and with this beautiful country. Thank you for always Peru ”, added Mike Bahía in a recent post he made about the show and which, in turn, received thousands of reactions.


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