Videoclip: Willow, Avril Lavigne – GROW ft. Travis Barker

11 years after “Whip My Hair”, a single that went platinum in the US, Willow found a new artistic expression. “Transparent Soul” is the first single from her upcoming album, which sees her exploring a direction that sounds like alternative rock and pop-punk. There is something of Blink-182 in the play, but also something of Paramore, with a unique vocal approach. The lyrics are about the falsity of others and the ability of certain individuals to detect false people and expose them as what they are.

Willow appears with the image of an alternative rock star from the beginning of the millennium, with a spiked collar, intense make-up and his famous long dreadlocks. A huge black guitar sits next to the musician, while Travis Barker it is not shown in the clip, but we feel it on drums, imprinting a light punk rhythm. It’s hard to believe that at just 20 years old, Willow is already on his fifth album. The first single from this LP is the one you are listening to here.

Willow said in recent interviews that he switched to this sound inspired by pandemic isolation. Smith he also plays guitar on this track and his statements have recently gone viral after participating in a talk show. There he described his poly-love affair. The daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith will release her next album in the summer of 2021. She cites as influences her childhood heroes, such as My Chemical Romance, Avril Lavigne, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy and Paramore.

The demos were recorded in the artist’s house, then re-recorded in the studio when the number of infections decreased. Willow comes after 2 prolific years, releasing in 2019 the album “Willow”, which addresses a more relaxed style, closer to R&B and trip-hop, but also “The Anxiety”, album released in 2020. That LP was created together by boyfriend and collaborator Tyler Cole. I don’t know if you knew, but the alternative rock approach is inherited from the family. Jada Pinkett Smith had a non-metal band called Wicked Wisdom between 2003-2007.

Jaden Smith’s sister grew up listening to her songs. The latest Instagram posts of the young woman included covers after Deftones and other rock bands.


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