[VIDO] The country gets the games in the year 2023 : the question of violence, seeds of a tourist in a bikini in the Maldives


Since the beginning of the week, the video of a British arrested the turns by the government of the Maldives to the networks. This then calls that she’s wearing a bikini on a beach. The sequence is relatively intense, the tourist, the dbat, then, that several agents try to have the clamp of the hand. The visitors are many to denounce this behavior. Behind the scenery in the postcard, not the sharia to be forgotten, that the Maldives have brought. And yet, there is that the next games of the drouleront. (Photo-illustration)

In this video, we aperoit a tourist, the response from the local police. He is required, without a doubt, get dressed or to leave the beach, it’s that her bikini is not tolr on the beach where you.

Then a championship, the clamp of a plurality of agents, trying to immobilize with force and the hand is. The young woman, the dbat and screaming in English that the agents are about to attack you. So he is to be transport by the law enforcement authorities.

In one version, the more full, you aperoit the tourist, probably does not exceed that refuses to obtemprer and causes the agent who speaks to him, by the glasses of him. An attitude that would explain the violence of interpellation.

The line will be presented their excuses

After The Pointthe tourist has available two hours after t arrested, and without a court procedure required, either. The Commissioner of police Mohamed Hameed has acknowledged that the event “seemed to have … t bad “gr” in a communicated. He has an apology to the tourists, but also for the public.
This is Mohamed Nasheed, the Chairman of the Parliament and former President of the Republic, the excuse at the time, in turn, to.

The tourists in question would have identified t as as Cecilia Jastrzembskaknown for his appeared, the reality in several missions of the tl. It could also be that the line you tried to calm down the game because of the notorit of the young woman.

A sequence of violent and shocking for many internet users, who recalled that the Maldives are far away, the Paradise for tourists. Some areas are reserves, but on the rest of the territory, the Sharia, is.

A Sharia court

France Diplomacy well, remember, to comply with the rules, in the event of a stay in the Maldives : attention to peculiar observance of local practice and, therefore, to inform of the possibility or no to the women to bathe in a bathing suit, don’t drink or smoke in public, at the time of the ramadan, etc…

The death penalty about 7 years is applied, including minors. To deny islam (apostasy), to steal, to consume alcohol facts, which are punished by the law. The Homo sexualit is illegal, and the women adultres threatens the stoning, even in cases of rape.

For several years the tourists will not call for a boycott of this objective, to support, what to the inhabitants under the pretext of the application of a law the Islamist extremely strict and conservative.

The games, the for 2023… in the Maldives

However, despite this call for a boycott, it is good, in the Maldives, the next games of the Islands of the Indian ocean (JIOI), 2023 drouleront. 27. July 2019, the organizing Committee of the games (COJI) has declared that the games drouleront for the first time in the Maldives. Three candidates were in the race : Madagascar, the Comoros and the Maldives.

It is the farthest zone of the Indian ocean is finally, the hosts for the delegations of the seven participating countries. The Maldives have now four years to the arrival of the athletes to prepare.

A choice that asks. What is the response of the athlete ? Between ethics and taste of the competition, many will go without a doubt, gns-ide, in order to compete in a country under Sharia law. Even more than the sport even more in the JIOI, prne values of freedom and solidarity.

To denounce, for some, to help the Mavides in the context of the JIOI would, with the freedom, thanks to the presence of the press. Others are of the opinion that this means to support the opposite of what the regime is, in fact, in this country.

Do not forget the financial motivation. The application of the Comoros was refusing to t, because of its inability to financially organization is in support of the games to build since almost all of the sporting equipment were. The value of the games would cash in the t to hard. But was it necessary to go to the Maldives ?

The Maldives-taking the Vanilla

The Maldives t jectes have the vanilla in 2016, the vanilla, remember, it is a tourist Association, whose aim is the possibilities of the combined travel between the Islands in the southwest Indian ocean. The Maldives were one of the vanilla since september of 2013, and already at the time of its recording was dbat.

In august 2016, the representatives of the members, the Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, in The Assembly, the Seychelles have a desire to separate itself from the island group, whose involvement was the controversy that for many years. This revocation was effective on this decision aussitt.

To name In a survey to the decision, the Maldives, the organizer of the games in 2023.

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