Villafranca, six days without water, future ‘very bleak’

It has been six days since last Thursday’s storm left residents of Villafranca without water, a situation the council believes will be resolved “soon” but has the potential to repeat itself many times. In fact, it’s the fifth time in as many years that it’s happened, leaving residents so uncomfortable they couldn’t shower properly until a few days ago.

A storm on Thursday caused the Bardenas Canal to begin filling with mud, making the water cloudy. The canal supplies and opens to the city from the Morant Inlet.So people began to draw water from the Veracruz well, which reportedly contained water Zur Associationis high in nitrates, so it’s also not drinkable, although it’s fine for neighbors to do their laundry or bathe in.

Still, in the words of the mayor, the city council is not cutting off the supply. Mª Carmen SeguraBelieves that “taking people off water is worse than permanently cutting them off”. However, Zureur criticized that the poor water condition was only reported through social networks and that many people, especially the elderly, “didn’t find out until a few days later that their drinking water was in poor condition”, causing some health problems for some neighbors. Problems, as they decried, “such as gastroenteritis”.

Now, while the water remains undrinkable, the bishops are confident it will be drinkable in a few hours when new controls are imposed by public health authorities. It should be remembered that in the control on August 1st the turbidity was level 4 and on Saturday morning it reached 121, so everything indicates that after a few hours the turbidity will decrease and the water will be drinkable again, So “just wait”.

However, both the council and Zurer realized that the solution was temporary and that “it’s likely to happen again” when a new storm emerges. Zureur criticized that the solution for extracting water from the Vera Cruz well was not correct because “although it is not brown like the other well, it is contaminated water, although it does not look cloudy”, they warn Said the Caparosso mega ranch could put the city’s water at risk “at any time” other than a storm. Likewise, they affirmed that the performance of the Presbyterian Church “leaved a lot to be desired”, and warned that they had failed to ensure that people “did not drink such cloudy water”.

As far as the city council is concerned, they confirmed that the solution involves the Navarre Canal project, although they claim that – until then – an alternative should be built. In fact, while the storm affected other towns such as Cadereta as well, the presence of the tanks meant that the neighboring cities did not experience any problems. In addition, Segura argued that they are “conducting three daily analyzes and are constantly working and cleaning the filters” and stated that “to this day, we continue to have this control and work, and we hope to have authorization soon.”

For now, all agree they just have to “wait” for water turbidity to return to drinkable levels, and they are awaiting a solution to an already “very common” problem.

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