Vilma Roldan directs Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabian league

antioquian Wilmar Roldán is a referee invited by the Saudi Professional League and directed the match between Al Raed and Al-Nassr in the sixth round of the league. . Portuguese football club cristiano ronaldo and Senegalese Sadio Mane.

Roldan has a pure Colombian team with assistants on the field Alexander Guzman and Miguel Steven Roldan; Dangzai VAR running Mauricio Perez.

In the game where Al Nasr led 1-3, Vilma Roldan was ultimately fouled 22 times, 10 times by the home team and 12 times by the away team, and was shown 5 yellow cards, including 1 time by the home team and 4 times by the away team. .

also, In the 45th + 2nd minute, Roldan showed a red card to Bandelva Ehi. At the Al-Rade Stadium, he was awarded a clear penalty in the 89th minute, which he converted into a goal Mohammad Fozal. Sadio Mane (45+1′), Anderson Talisca (49′) and Cristiano Ronaldo (78′) play for the team led by Portuguese Luis Castro.

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Al Nasser is sixth in the Saudi league with 12 points. Six fewer than leader Al Hilal. For its part, Al Raed appears in column 15 with only 4 units. CR7 has scored seven goals in five league games this season.

Saudi professional league adds foreign referees

Wilma Roldan So he joined El Salvador Ivan Bartonspanish Antonio Mateu LajosGuatemala Mario Escobar, Mexican Cesar Arturo Ramos and argentinian Fernando Laparini.

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