Vincent Cassel love ! (PHOTO)


How many stars,Tina Kunakey is very active on the canvas. The wife of Vincent Cassel, still has the enthusiasm with a beautiful photo.

There are a couple of hours, Tina has broken Kunakey, and the internet, if you unveiled a new cliché. Without surprise, all of his subscribers loved it… And her husband Vincent Cassel also has he was blinded by her beauty ! MCE TV tells you everything.


Who does not know you, Tina Kunakey ! For several years, the pretty brunette is under the fire of the projectors. The young woman makes a career in modeling, but not only. The it girl also has appearances at guest in many of the clips. And his hair in a dream from her pretty face and her wasp-waist, in addition, are his trademark. In addition, his personality stands out all the other models.

On his account Instagram, Tina Kunakey also a real star ! The young woman has by the way more than 1 million followers. Class. Very active, top-share love their orgies in the 4 corners of the world, but also his future projects. Lately, that has made the model, the temperature rises on the canvas. Immortalized with a bikini very sexy, the brown arsonist is stunning. The proof image !

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Vincent Cassel valid to him, even the cliché of Tina Kunakey !

Without surprise, the cliché of Tina Kunakey was not bad, the likes. More than 160 000, that is to say ! In the course of the comments, the compliments, sounds from all sides, from all sides. “What a beauty “you can read under your own photo or : “Damn…ultra-hot “ ! The pretty brunette seems to so thoroughly enjoy your stay in Paradise. And she’s right !

Before the lovely photo of his wife, Tina KunakeyVincent Cassel has also responded : “Brasileira de Toulouse “so wiktionary actor. Very much in love with each other, the lovebirds often have pictures of your duo on the canvas. The couple often beautiful statements on their social networks. Complementary and fusionnels, between them is a story that takes !