Vincent Peters, celebrity photographer

Vincent Peters

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Impeccable and dramatic light, strong chiaroscuro effects and unmistakable black and white. Vincent Peters he became one of the greatest exponents of contemporary photography, proposing a unique personal style capable of enhancing both the garment and its wearer. After all, high fashion houses and world stars passed in front of his lens, the entire history of which the German artist squeezed into one frame. Tracing life and career I am taking photos celebrities, recently the protagonist of a solo exhibition in Royal Palace From Milan.

Biography of Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters was born in 1969 To Bremen, in Germany, from a family that led him from an early age to develop great creative abilities. Both parents art teachers and the mother, cooperating with her sister, also drawing. Not having much talent for drawing, the boy would prefer to portray reality through light and lens. First meeting with camera actually it will happen during eighties.

However, the path that takes him from adolescence to adulthood is not an easy one. Kicked out of several schools for his rebellious nature and disinclined to passively follow the rules, Peters debuts in the world of adults working in large fast food chains. After trip to thailand With Mamiya RZ Medium format always on the neck, but some of his shots are published in the magazine GEO magazinerevealing a small part of their future. Having reached adulthood, Vincent his mother urges him to leave the country and go to NY. However, the United States turned out to be a country unfavorable to him, and, thanks to economic restrictions, after a few months, the photographer decided to move to Paris, where he exhibited his work in some galleries, but never had much success. However, thanks to the advice of a friend, he will soon be able to direct his artistic personality in the right direction.

The most important works of the photographer

At Villa Lumiere Vincent Peters coming to fashion agencies which allows his pictures to be distributed in numerous trade magazines. On a new trip to NYbesides, the boy is dating John TestinoBrother Mariowho, thanks to his knowledge, will be able to get him important first meetings. Peters so everyone starts asking for it leading fashion houses of the worldfrom Armani To Bottega Veneta passing through miu miu, PradaLancome, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. However, his area of ​​specialization will be celebrity portrait who, in front of his lens, will be able to expose himself to the public, demonstrating the fragility, often hidden by the glossy pages of magazines. From 2001 to 2021 Vincent Peters manages to perpetuate almost anyone. In fact, his photographs show actors such as Christian Bale, Emma Watson, Penélope Cruz and Letizia Casta, whose facial features are emphasized flawless light and unmistakable Black and white.

His photographic style

Simple uselighting Andlack of flowers are the main characteristics photographic style From Vincent Peters. Frames come out of his camera in which time stops to tell the story of the main characters, so much so that each frame seems to thicken the plot into a single whole. movie. The subject is never depicted in a frozen, motionless pose. On the contrary, the photogram crystallizes movement, revealing layered emotions and multifaceted personalities that the viewer can recognize in all their complexity. It is precisely these characteristics photograph by Vincent Peters often defined cinematic. A single photograph is actually an intimate conversation in which the photographer first feels involved and then the observer. Black and whitehowever, serves to overcome the limit of words to show the truth.

Recent exhibitions dedicated to Vincent Peters

Becoming one of the most authoritative voices in contemporary photography, originality Vincent Peters she has been the subject of solo exhibitions organized in the most important art galleries in Europe and the world. Among many there are Working with the camera From Berlinl’ArtBasel From Basel And photography From Stockholm. However, between January and February 2023, his images were the protagonists of a long exposure Royal Palace From Milan. Collecting works created from the early 2000s to the present day, the curator Alessia Glaviano managed to offer the Milanese public an in-depth excursion into Peters careershowing the endless nuances of his black and white image and the immense narrative power of his chiaroscuro.

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