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Hamilton's film Oppenheimer's watch: six antique clocks on the wrists of the film's protagonists

Hamilton Oppenheimer’s watch in the movies: In the world of cinema, for over 90 years, Hamilton has been the watchmaker’s watch brand. Since its collaboration with Hollywood and the film industry in 1932, Hamilton watches have featured in more than 500 films.

Every Hamilton featured in a film is the result of deep relationships with directors and film professionals. Collaborations range from designing bespoke watches to using models already in the collection to finding historical clock appropriate for the era depicted in the film. Each time, carefully selected or crafted, the watch serves to define both the character and vision of the director.

Hamilton Oppenheimer's watch in the movies

The Hamilton Clock is the theme song for Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s latest film produced by Universal Pictures and shown in all theaters as of August 23, 2023. finding the watch was not easy.

Nolan is known for his attention to detail in both storytelling and character creation. Therefore, the famous director instructed Hamilton to find a suitable watch that would fully reflect his vision. In order to achieve the highest level of precision and accuracy and to integrate it with the characters’ traits, Hamilton chose several vintage watch designed to accompany the three main characters of the film on the wrist: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer and General Leslie Groves, Jr..

Despite the richness of Hamilton’s archives, all of Oppenheimer’s watches were selected from private collections. By contacting a large network of enthusiasts and collectors, they managed to find six antique clockssuitable for contextualizing the thirties and forties.

Hamilton Oppenheimer's watch in the movies

For J. Robert Oppenheimerpresented by Cillian Murphy, chose three models: Pillow B, Endicott and Lexington Each one embodies typical American design with Art Deco elements. Links strike the perfect balance between scientific accuracy and character’s innovative nature.

Hamilton Oppenheimer's watch in the movies

Kitty Oppenheimer instead, played by Emily Blunt, she accompanies a wanted man. Lady Hamilton A-2 in 14k gold. Finally, you can marvel at Hamilton’s brilliant military versatility thanks to Pipe Rock and etc. military artillery on the general’s wrist Leslie Groves Jr.played by Matt Damon.

Hamilton Oppenheimer's watch in the movies

Oppenheimer marks a new chapter in Hamilton’s important collaboration with Christopher Nolan.


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