Violent robbery of Uvita Fernández

The present of San Lorenzo It is black. The team drags seven losses in the last eight games and is next to last in the table of positions, while the club is immersed in an economic and institutional crisis. To top it all, it seems that not a single one comes out: one of the players on the campus, which is usually part of the 11 holder, suffered a violent robbery at dawn this Friday in the South of the Province of Buenos Aires …

Who is it about? From Nicolas Fernandez, who he was surprised while he was sleeping by a group of armed criminals who entered his house, located in a country in the town of Hudson, at Berazategui party, and cash and jewelry were stolen from her before escaping …

Uvita is a regular starter, forming the attack duo with Franco Di Santo.  (Photo German Garcia Adrasti)

Uvita is a regular starter, forming the attack duo with Franco Di Santo. (Photo German Garcia Adrasti)

According to the police report, the incident occurred on Ombúes Street in the Greenville neighborhood, which is located a few meters from the Buenos Aires – La Plata highway. At the same time, the house on the lot adjacent to the one in front also suffered a very similar attack, so the researchers they believe it was perpetrated by the same gang of assailants, which they estimate that it would be made up of five or six members, according to the statements.

Together with Uvita There were his wife and two children, barely three and six years old, who were witnesses to the violent event. Once inside the home, the thieves forcibly reduced the entire family and even the striker would have been handcuffed, in order to be able to specify the criminal act. Beyond the moment of terror that he had to live, as he could find out Ole, neither he nor any of the family members were seriously harmed.

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After the police intervention and still upset by what happened, the former Defense (brother of Brian and Leandro, footballers of Ferro and Nacional de Uruguay respectively) He contacted a member of the Cyclone coaching staff to tell him what happened and on Friday morning he did not show up for training of the campus in the Sports City. In Boedo, According to what they were able to talk with the player, they hope that today he will rejoin the group and It will be necessary to see if he is in conditions to play on Tuesday (at 17) against Sarmiento, at Pedro Bidegain.

In the meantime, Justice works to find the aggressors. The case was in charge of the prosecutor Christian Granados, of the Functional Unit N ° 2 of Berazategui and, despite the work of the Scientific Police, so far they could not identify any of the attackers.

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