VIPs and Pregnancy! All baby bumps of 2023

Whether it’s the first or fourth pregnancy, it doesn’t matter… so many VIP moms go through a magical summer with their “puppy”.

In recent months, while reading gossip news sites, we have been amazed to find that couples we thought were inseparable have instead reached the end of the line. Even the most unexpected ones. But, fortunately, love continues to win, and the many sweet expectations that have characterized this wonderful year 2023 are proof of this.. It is clear that the list will be long, but … let’s try, summing up, pregnancy for a child!

Sweet expectations followed on social media

The birth of the year was certainly (given the strong media curiosity and the mother’s social actions) the birth of Aurora Ramazzotti who had her first child, Cesare, thus father Eros and mother Michelle Hunziker became grandparents. Another story instead of your favorite singer. After a period of pain, for the first “blurred” stork, Bianca Atzei Now she is spending her first summer as a mom. In fact, thanks to love with Stefano Corti, little Noah Alexander was born. Alice Campello and Alvaro Morata made another great love dream come true. Already the main characters of a real love story, after three boys (twins Leonardo, Alessandro and Edoardo) a little girl appeared, little Bella. However, on the contrary, after the girl Nina Speranza, Luca Argentero and Christine Marino extended the family with the second pregnancy of the actress, welcoming Noe Roberto! A summer full of emotions and discoveries, including for Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano, a couple born during GF. Their love materialized with the birth of Celine.

From Diletta Leotta to Rihanna!

There were and are (still are) pregnancies of pregnant women, which received a lot of attention. Diletta Leotta (Engaged to German goalkeeper Loris Kariusgave birth to a child Air right on your birthday, August 16 last year!) pop stars Rihanna (she got pregnant with ASAP Rocky just 9 months after giving birth to her first child) and Natalia Comparisons, the former protagonist of “Men and Women”, is happy about the birth of his first child, the fruit of love for Andrea Zelletta. Back in the US, pregnancy news Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest of the famous American sisters. This is the woman’s fourth child after Mason, Penelope and Rain, but also the first with her current partner (Travis Barker, Blink-182 drummer). However, the first three children were born from a relationship with Scott Disick.

The last sighted storks…

I’m also looking forward to it Ariadna Cirrincione. In fact, with partner Andrea Cerioli, they recently announced their pregnancy on social media. And finally… the announcement made by Federico Pellegrini, happily waiting for her husband Matteo Giunta. A never hidden dream that is now becoming a reality. But do storks that take off (or take off) get here? Obviously not! Stay with us, we will be happy to return to this topic!

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