Viral challenge: a single British woman managed to dance Latin rhythms in the streets of London

The Chinese social network TikTok, which was created in 2016, offers endless varieties. From some funny and funny video, through food recipes, horror stories and even viral challenges by influencers. A European woman imitated how Latinos dance and shone in all the rhythms.

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VideoTikTok @sofiachaparror

He surprised everyone with his movements

Sofia Chaparro is a Latina who currently resides in London, United Kingdom and showed how a young British woman danced to the rhythm of salsa, reggaeton, merengue and cumbia.

He was the only person who managed to imitate the movements correctly. The rest of the people who were challenged to dance to the rhythm of the Latin music They did not know how to move or adapt to our music.

Video TikTok @sofiachaparror

The video reached 400 thousand likes and had great impact and interaction on social networks.

Other viral challenges

On your TikTok account @sofiachaparror He has more than 500 thousand followers and he is in charge of uploading videos that aim at some viral challenges by instilling in them the Latin American culture.

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