Viral challenge to defecate in water forces another pool in Cullera to close

Viral challenge to defecate in water forces another pool in Cullera to closeJoan Gimeno

other The pools of the urbanization of Cullera have been challenged twice in recent days by the virus, including defecating in water, This forced the facility to temporarily close. The Municipality of Valencia has registered these acts of vandalism in public swimming pools, some of them municipalities and others of communities of owners, among them Alzira, Carlet, Elx, Gilet and others.this summer so far Already six communities in Cullera have had to temporarily close public swimming pools due to such actionssome of which occur multiple times.

Information note on the urbanization of Cullera that suffered two consecutive acts of vandalism.

These are uncivilized behaviors They vandalize users’ bathrooms for a few days in order to gain some followers on social networks, although their profiles are fake in order not to be identified.This is something that has been happening too often lately and is heavily sanctioned pranks can be very expensive. In the last case uncovered by Cullera, the community reminded that in cases where those responsible were identified, homeowners would have to bear the resulting costs.

when such a situation occurs Must have water changed or disinfected to prevent infection Caused by Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Hepatitis A virus, Escherichia coli 0157:H7, or Shigella, can be acquired by swallowing contaminated pool water.

Chlorinated water can be contaminated with faeces within minutes, hence the protocol stipulated in Article 1 of Royal Decree No. 742/2013 of September 27. 12 Must apply immediately and pass Emergency shutdown of bathroom facilities, hyperchlorination and over-purification of water, and water quality analysis.

The swimming pool cannot be opened to the public until it has been analyzed to ensure that the water is in optimal hygienic conditions and complies with the parameters set by regulations, which means closing it for 3 to 5 days, causing discomfort to neighbors and residents. user.

Another, faster method is to completely empty the pool and refill it with fresh water.without viruses and bacteria, only lost the number of days the process lasted, the result Economically, water is more expensive. There are other alternatives or enhancements such as filter flocculation, UV light, oxygen, etc.

this responsibility For the perpetrators of these acts of vandalism, their actions are more serious than they appear, because they are in the form of financial compensation or If it seriously infects other users, it will be punished.

According to consulting industry professionalsr Improve EMV, The costs of such actions “approximately Medium pool €3,000so hooliganism can be very costly”. The same source recalled that if the perpetrator was a minor, the parent or guardian would be obliged to pay for the damage.

In the homeowner community, if the author is one of the occupants or tenants of the home, the liability may come from the homeowner.

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