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Millions of people dream of getting close Lionel Messi Ask for a photo or autograph. A Latino living in the United States accidentally realized his dream after being hired to do gardening work. The house belongs to none other than Lionel Messi and the photos have gone viral.

After playing with the team in the fifth and sixth rounds of qualifying, Messi returned to the United States to reunite with his family and focus on Inter Miami’s goals for next season.

Before the end of the year, however, the Massey family wanted to restore the gardens of their Fort Lauderdale mansion in the Bay Colony development and hired a team of workers. One of them is Luis Hilario Chan, Guatemala, from San José Chiquilajá, Quetzaltenango department.

Gardener’s surprise as he works on Massey’s home

Chen, who has lived in the United States for some time, thought it would be an ordinary working day, but as soon as he entered the mansion, he discovered who the real owner was.

The gardener carried out some searches in the house worth more than $10 million and at the end of the day he asked the Argentina captain for a photo.

The snap was posted on his TikTok account on November 23 and has accumulated more than 500,000 views to date. “What it feels like to feel the god of football”, “Luxury, with the best players in the world”, “How humble Messi is”, are some user comments.

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