Viral Hepatitis Week 2023: Testing and Vaccination

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The Ministry of Health of the province of Jujuy has announced the beginning of the “Health Week” starting this Monday. viral hepatitis 2023 San Pedro, Ledesma and Perico and other departments across the province.

Rapid Tests and Vaccinations Hepatitis B and C Their goal is to improve diagnosis, accessibility, quality of care and patient adherence to treatment.

I will do the same thing that day Monday 31 July, Tuesday 2 August, Wednesday 3 August and Thursday 9am-1pm, especially considering People aged 23 to 55 where we’ll go into more detail below.


  • Oscar Orias Hospital
  • central square
  • CEPAT No. 8 and No. 23
  • Primary Health Care Immunizations

Saint Peter

  • William Paterson Hospital
  • Belgrano Graal Square
  • CEPAT No. 7
  • Primary Health Care Immunizations


  • Hospital Dr. Arturo Sabara
  • san martin square
  • Wholesale and Retail Exhibition
  • CEPAT Nos. 5, 30, 34 and 37
  • Primary Health Care Immunizations

Meanwhile, hospitals in El Carmen, Monterrico, La Mendieta, La Esperanza, Palmasola, Friel Pintado, Calilegua, Uto and El Tarral , will provide free hepatitis B vaccination to people in the same age group.

In their statement, they explain that a person can have chronic hepatitis for years without knowing it, which is why it is important to know about the test.

Hepatitis detection (with photos).jpg

Hepatitis check (with photos)

What does hepatitis do?

Hepatitis B

Up to 10% of those who cross the border experience chronic symptoms, and Fully preventable through vaccinationAlthough dose coverage does not exceed 15% in the population over 23 years of age, booster immunization will therefore lead to a reduction in transmission among sexually active populations, leading to a reduction in future infection rates.

Hepatitis C

Up to 80% of cases become chronic, and although there is no vaccine for this type, drug treatment is effective in more than 95% of cases.

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