Viral hepatitis: what are the risk factors and how is it treated?

july is the month of opposition viral hepatitis, a silent disease that can lead to serious health consequences if left undiagnosed. So far in 2023, Colombia has reported 1,205 cases of hepatitis B and 703 cases of hepatitis C.

These diseases may not cause symptoms for many years, and in advanced stages manifest as cirrhosis or liver cancer.

“Essentially, they appear as Liver failure, malnutrition, low levels of hemoglobin in the blood, blood clotting and blood sugar problemssays nephrologist Javier Galeano Rodríguez.

to detect viral hepatitis Over time, it is important to understand the risk factors.

“Sexual contact with a positive person, sharing needles with a positive person. Can pass mother to child if mother tests positive“, he added.

Therefore, any risk factor, especially for the most vulnerable, such as those over 50 or those who were not vaccinated as children, should ask a doctor for a diagnostic test.

“People who have to go to the dialysis unit are required to be vaccinated, but now anyone can get the hepatitis B vaccine, adults and women of childbearing age,” the doctor said.

Experts say early diagnosis and treatment can make a difference.

“When hepatitis B is diagnosed, all you have to do is treat the virus with drugs that inhibit the replication of the virus. The idea is to inhibit viral replication, which is harmful to the liver.Dr. Javier Galeano Rodriguez noted.

Every July 28th is World Hepatitis Day.

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