Virginie Efira harassed for 8 years by a man ready for anything: she tells about her ordeal


Fame is sometimes a dangerous thing, and that, Virginie Efira knows it.

If the problems of harassment persist in the daily life of women in general, when one of them is a TV woman, then nothing can stop this scourge. Virginie Efira was also the victim for nearly eight years.

Actress for some time, Virginie Efira has long worked as a host, especially on M6, at the head of the Nouvelle Star. A difficult period for the latter since while she officiated at the head of the show, a man a little too fan of her began to harass her for years. According to information from our colleagues from Télé Loisirs, the young woman at the time received hundreds of telephone messages per day on the answering machines of the service of the sixth channel coming from this mysterious man. The latter, to achieve her ends, has even passed himself off several times as her assistant in order to get lunch with the host.

But the blow of too much was when this fan managed to break into her home… A moment that greatly frightened Virginie Efira ” It is true that at the time, there were particular things… When you have someone ‘one who gets to get home, things like that, it’s special… “. But what bothered the M6 ​​group presenter more were the threats made to her family, ” But it bothered me more when it bothered my family, because, somewhere, in public professions, these things can happen. . Particular things related to notoriety and I would say more to television, which installed, at least at the time, a special report, where people can project things of themselves that are not there. “ As she was able to confide recently during her interview with Konbini.

Now, these years of fear are behind her, and the Franco-Belgian appreciates having become a recognized actress after these turbulent beginnings. At the head of many feature films, Virginie Efira is today an accomplished actress, who enjoys immense success in theaters.