Virgo Cassel, as she is today, is the (beautiful) daughter of Vincent and Monica Bellucci.

Virgo Cassel recently turned 19 and is truly gorgeous and also looks a lot like her mother Monica Bellucci.

You might not be great if you have a mother like Monica Bellucci? Obviously not. This is destiny Virgin Cassel, very young, but already beautiful daughter of a French actor Vincent Cassel and our Monica, a true icon of beauty and sensuality throughout the world. This is the young Virgo today, very similar to her mother.

Monica Bellucci had two daughters from Vincent Cassel, photo: Ansa – (

At the end of September, Monica Bellucci will turn 59 years old, but she still remains one of the most beloved and desirable women in the world. Including thanks to a career in which our Monica often played the role of femme fatales or, in any case, with a high level of sensuality.

Above all, one role that has dedicated her to the national and international arena is definitely the role “Malena” in the film by Giuseppe Tornatore. But we remember her in the saga “The Matrix”, “The Passion of the Christ”, “Phantom”, as well as in “The Brothers Grimm and the Witch”.

As you can see, we are talking about an international actress who, in fact, may have worked more abroad than in Italy, if we exclude her debut. However, the last two films in his filmography are Italian and we are talking about “Drought” by Paolo Virzi and “Diabolik – Ginko attacks everything!” from Manetti Bros.

Beautiful daughter of Monica Bellucci

Obviously, no less famous is the ex-husband and father of Virgo Cassel, the French star Vincent, with whom Monica Bellucci starred in the scandalous films “Dobermann” and “Irreversible.” A true institution of transalpine cinema, Vincent Cassel. They got married in August 1999 and separated in 2013. Virgo was born on September 12, 2004 and Leonie was born on May 21, 2010.

This is what Virgo Cassel looks like today photo: Instagram @d.casseluxi – (

And let’s focus on the eldest, Deva, very young, she is a little over 19, but already absolutely gorgeous, and also very similar to her mother Monica. It was on the occasion of her recent 19th birthday that Papa Vincent identified her as one of “divine being”.

And this is exactly so, because Deva is truly remarkable and is already fully integrated into the world of the French elite, but not only that. She also recently made her film debut. “Wonderful summer” Laura Luchetti. She certainly has a bright future ahead of her in the world of entertainment and is already a big name on social media where she is highly followed and where her every post (especially on Instagram) is full of likes and interactions.

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