Virgo Cassel, daughter of Monica Bellucci, enchants everyone: in the unedited version, she is beautiful

The Virgin of Kassel is just as beautiful as her mother Monica Bellucci: here she is beautiful in the unedited version, everyone is enchanted.

Obvious beauty, handed down from mother to daughter, accompanied by great class, elegance and talent: Virgo Kassel is becoming more and more popular every day. and the resemblance to Monica Belucci, even after seeing her on the catwalk, is more and more striking.

Charming Deva Castel in the unedited version (credits. Instagram screenshot @d.casseluxxi) –

Born in 2004 as a result of the marriage of a famous Italian actress and supermodel with a colleague Vincent Cassel., Virgo decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps by entering the world of fashion; despite his young age, he already boasts collaborations with famous fashion brands, and on the catwalk he impressed everyone with his truly incredible charm.

Mora and with delicate features as well as a dream physique, young Kassel seems to have a brilliant career ahead of him; recently fans also had the opportunity to see it in a completely unedited version.even more elegant and feminine. Here he is, all fascinated and delighted with his beauty.

Virgo Kassel, a new debut for her: charm without limits

Like Monica Bellucci, Virgo has a passion for the world of fashion and acting; it could not be otherwise, given the skill of the mother, but also of the father. Choice as actress de beautiful summerfilm based on the novel of the same name by Cesare Pavese, Kassel starred in the role of Amelia, a young posing model close to an environment frequented by artists and bohemians of Turin in the 1930s.

Deva Cassel as Amelia in La Bella Estate (Credits. YouTube screenshot Lukcy Red) –

A role that seems like a perfect fit for the young Deva, who, as suggested by the opening shots of the film, as well as the trailer, will hit the big screen on August 24 (the film’s release date). charm and sensuality are truly beyond imagination. A very important event for Kassel, finally ready for international recognition.

After starring in beautiful summer, for Kassel it will be the turn of the series Leopard, also this project is inspired by the great masterpiece of Italian literature; Between the small screen and the big screen, Virgo is preparing to leave everyone breathless, as has already happened with the first major fashion shows. It would not be strange if, thanks to a brilliant performance, Kassel became one of the most beloved young actresses of that time.

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