Visible Cities XI Edition

Until October 1, the event will take place at the Teatro degli Atti, in the Lapidaria of the Municipal Museum, in the former Astoria Cinema, in Studio A, in the Cast Oro Theater (formerly the Amleto Theatrical Mill) and in the former OGR im. Rimini in cooperation with the Municipality of Rimini, with the support of the Region of Emilia-Romagna and the Ministry of Culture. On Thursday, August 31, the former Astoria cinema will host “Cosi è” (o mi pare), a virtual reality rewrite of Luigi Pirandello’s work written by and with Elio Germano, and an unusual participation among numerous actors Isabella Ragonese. This is how (or it seems to me) Pirandello’s text gets into modern society, where “spying” on others becomes even easier thanks to the use of new media. The show was actually designed to be created in virtual reality and put the viewer at the center of the stage. Through the headphones and the audience, the audience is no longer in the theater, but inside the luxurious apartment where the action of the story takes place, more precisely inside the body of one of the characters who sees and hears everything: Commissar Laudisi, the elderly father of Lamberto, in a wheelchair, an invention that is not in original script. With Rifle, the UBU Award for Best Director and Best New Foreign Dramatic Text will take place on Friday, September 1st at the former Astoria Cinema, directed by Lisia Laner. A clear and impartial text that avoids the idea of ​​a categorical division of the world into good and bad, but analyzes the cultural and anthropological mechanisms that give rise to certain violent behavior. The performance is claustrophobic and violent, its movement marked by the light of a photographic set that is constantly changing by the hands of the actors themselves. Amid bunnies, toys and songs, Billie Eilish parades a story like so many others, a pathetic story that makes it impossible not to feel pain and deep pain. The following evening, Saturday, September 2, the former Astoria cinema will host the screening of Life Has a Golden Tooth, directed by Rita Frongia and directed by Claudio Morganti, with Francesco Pennacchia and Gianluca Stetur. Theatrical archaeological show. At the origins of the game. Where a now-lost tradition originated. The taste and pleasure of real fantasy. Real. One who prefers play and holy idiocy. Faith in the art of failure. On Sunday, September 3, the meeting will take place in the Roman Lapidarium of the Civic Museum (Via Tonini, 1) with Thomas Leardini in the drama “Cardio”. This story takes place in a hospital. Three characters live in it, experience it, talk about it. The cardio drama tries to ridicule the complex and tragicomic world, a neon labyrinth of contradictions and hopes. Written in collaboration with cardiologist Claudio Cuccia, the show aims to tell and revolutionize the relationship between doctors and patients, between lying and lying, between illness and ailment, which should never be confused. “Motherhood” is the name of the performance by Fanny&Alexander, which will take place on Monday, September 4th, at the Cast Oro Teatro (former Mulino di Amleto Teatro on Via del Castoro, 7) based on the story of Sheila Heti. A woman asks a question in front of the audience sitting in front of her, what prevents her from giving birth to a child. This is not a monologue, but a strange dialogue, suspended between the assembly dimension and the game of chance. Faced with the most difficult questions, Sheila turns to the people in the room who have been given a small remote control with which to answer her questions. On Tuesday, September 5, the Teatro degli Atti will host the Journey Through the Past concert, in which Cristiano Godano and Alessandro ASSO Stefan play Neil Young. One day in November 2022, in the province of Cuneo, in the midst of working on the eleventh album of Marlene Kunz, Cristiano Godano and Asso discover that they share a huge passion for Neil Young. A passion that goes far beyond a simple “I like it” because it is deep and closely related to the main characteristics of his poetics and his musicality. The idea was born to put on a small concert for the locals, who set up a residence to work on the CD itself, and this very successful concert gave them the idea that a more structured concert around Italy could be organized. On Wednesday, September 6, “Still Alive” will be staged at the Teatro degli Atti, which will be the special prize of the 2021 Screenplay Award and the winner of the L’Italia dei Visionari competition, with Caterina Marino (who also writes and directs) and Lorenzo. Bruno. “At some point, I could no longer imagine the future,” the author explains, “. For me, this is a concrete manifestation of depression. Inability to think of oneself in any place or space. A static entity with a natural propensity for melancholy and firmly rooted in the capitalist fabric of our age, stuck in the production of memes, dark humor, ferocious irony that becomes salvation.

Still Alive captures all of this by exploring the various phases that the depressed body goes through, between rejection and acceptance of a state that is not only personal but also human.

Shows and concerts will start at 21.30 (unless otherwise stated) and the bar will be open throughout the festival from 20.30.

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ENTIRE performance (except “Manicula” and “Piccoli suicide”) – 6.00 euros.


MANICULA – € 2.50



ENTIRE performance (except “Manicula” and “Piccoli suicide”) – 8.00 euros.


MANICULA – € 2.00





Romagna Initiatives distributes 10 tickets for boys and girls under 30, which can be purchased on site subject to availability (for all events except “Manìcula” and “Piccoli suicidi”).

The box office will be open every day of the performance from 20.00.

The festival is organized and organized by the association Le Città Visibili in collaboration with the Municipality of Rimini and thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture – Emilia-Romagna Region – Chamber of Commerce of Romagna – SGR – Blue Next – Coop Alleanza 3.0 – Trattoria La Marianna – Riviera Banka – Start Romagna – Romagna Acque Società delle Fonti – Romagna Initiatives – Hotel Duomo – CGIL.

Featuring Circolo Milleluci, Il Palloncino Rosso as part of Return to A-history, Break the Silence, Anthea, Kantharos aps, Studio A, Alchemico Tre, Altre Speed.

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