Visinanze Festival: 2023 Program

back in late august Masfra Vicinity FestivalOrganized this year with the Pugliese Public Theater in artistic and organizational collaboration of the Cultural Association, supported by the Massafra Municipality AFO 6 – Changer of Thoughts,

Vicinanza takes its name from the typology of the characteristic underground building of Vicinanza, the historic center of the town of Massafra. Proximity, bringing people together, rediscovering territory, bringing places back to citizens, fostering a sense of belonging among businesses and the intentions of this review, which will take place over three days in late August and with free admission Will be Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August in Piazza Garibaldi (21.30). The design idea belongs to Vicinanze which is understood as spaces to be discovered mixing of knowledge between different cultures And, therefore, different sounds. A diverse journey through various musical genres to discover world music and the purest songwriting tradition.

It starts on Friday 25 August Roberto Angelini And rodrigo d’erasmo live, instrumental psychedelic tour loosely based on nick drake Until a few preview pieces of the new instrumental work coming in 2024. Roberto AngeliniRenowned author, guitarist and face of Propaganda Live rodrigo d’erasmogroup’s eclectic violinist, composer and multi-instrumentalist after hours,

Saturday 26 August Joe Barbieri “Taken from a Real Night: 30 Years Played”, a tour special that celebrates three decades of marriage to Pearl, or rather the two Joe Barbieri and music. on stage, besides Who (with his voice and his indispensable guitar), they’ll take their seats Peter Lusu (the piano), bruno marcozzi (percussion and drums) e Daniel Sorrentino (contrabass).

sunday 27 Eugene Finardi Together rafael casarano And mirco signorile In a concert/experience of great energy as well as great humility and emotional truth. mirco signorile on the piano it crosses the trajectory of the sax rafael casaranoin a flow on the canvas of the songs of finardiwith some tributes to some of your favorite authors Beat To trenches,


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