Visionaries, space for music Here are the brave singer-songwriters

An inspiring experience on an incredible journey that a sensitive interpreter of human emotions like Julia Mutti has taken through the world of Brave Songwriters, revealing touching stories and enveloping melodies that define their spirit. This event, scheduled tonight at the Molo dei Pescatori in Monterosso at 21.15, the second stage of the “Visionarie”, is not just a concert, but an open window into the lives of women who have chosen to stay true to their nature and resist pain. and turn it into a powerful creative expression.

Giulia Mutti will lead the audience through different musical worlds: Patti Smith, Nada, Lady Gaga (pictured) and Gianna Nannini. These magical moments of music and storytelling will give us the opportunity to relive the timeless emotions of their songs and learn the curious details of their extraordinary existence. “In the music business, women are fighting prejudice, discrimination and depressing numbers,” says Mutti. – Just think, if you look at the top 100 best selling Fimi records in Italy for the first six months of 2023, you will find that the first title associated with “female artist” you should drop to position fifteen. However, women are, and they force themselves to be heard, often working twice as hard as their male counterparts to show off their skills.” “Cantautrici Coraggiose” is an exaltation of an original female artistry that breaks through, relying on authenticity, but often associated with sacrifice. The stories will shake our souls and their songs caress our hearts, managing to give us a clear idea of ​​what they are capable of. create with the power of your music.” This event is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the stories of women who have paid tribute to their authenticity through music, looking forward to tomorrow’s grand finale at the same venue, with guests Laura Boldrini, Giada Zhang and Qn director Agnese Pini. Interviewed by Tiziana Ferrario.

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