Visit “His Majesty Michael Jordan’s” luxury golf course (+ pictures)

In addition to being an NBA superstar, Michael Jordan has never hidden his love for golf. He always uses his free time to practice the sport and rub shoulders with the most famous people in the sport.

His interest in golf was so great that he participated in several tournaments with famous figures such as Tiger Woods, and he even competed on the major U.S. and the most important men’s professional golf tour in the world – PGA Tour.

Jordan’s hobby even led him to create his own golf course a few years ago, an exclusive private club accessible only by direct invitation from the athlete or his adventure partner, businessman Curtos Strange Enter.

The field, named Grove XXIII, covers an area of ​​4,500 square kilometers and was formerly a citrus orchard. The property includes an 18-hole golf course, and the facility features advanced technology to make the course even more fun.

The course features a double-helix course, meaning it can be played in four combinations of nine+nine or shorter three- to six-hole courses, and guests can enjoy a variety of drinks and food delivered by drone.

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