Vitaa: She tells all about the secrets of her amazing diet!


Vitaa returned to the secrets of her Weight Watchers diet which allowed her to lose nearly 10 pounds.

Last April, during the first confinement, Vitaa motivated its subscribers and invited them more than ever to mobilize to take care of them during this delicate period. “That’s real life: it’s to be at home, to take care of your children, your husband, your family, your home. But also ‘of oneself’  ” she wrote in his Instagram story. The singer took the opportunity to unveil the backstage of her sports training live from her garden and mentioned her diet, the WW program (Weight Watchers). ” It’s been 9 months now that I have been a follower and ambassador of the program, with which I lost 7 kilos that I hold totally, with the sport. But it is above all food,

On the occasion of an exclusive interview for the FOCUS magazine of January 2021 available on newsstands on January 28, Vitaa returned to the essence of this diet which seems to suit her perfectly: ” I really like to eat, I hate to deprive me. And the WW program is not a diet precisely, it is a food program. If you need sugar every day and I do, it’s okay. No one will take me away from my little daily cake. In fact, each food represents a number of points. and it is enough not to exceed the daily capital. I have done all the diets of the Earth and this is the first time in my life that fast sugar is authorized. For me, it is the dream! “, rejoices the sidekick of Slimane.

The 37-year-old artist takes the opportunity to reveal that she really enjoys cooking: ” I cook a lot. And I’m going to tell you a secret, it’s only me who cooks at home! I’m like everyone else. world, like all women, I prepare meals for my husband and my children. ” she blurted out.