Vittoria Ceretti, DiCaprio and divorce from Matteo Milleri

INItoria Ceretti: She is the woman of the moment. Cause? Model from Brescia, born in 1998, will New love of Leonardo DiCaprio. What seemed like just summer gossip is in fact now fueled by increasingly persistent rumors. The latest indiscretion comes from the weekly WHO, according to which the model would have left her husband Matteo Milleri, whom she married three years ago, at the beginning of the summer immediately after meeting the Hollywood star at the Cannes Film Festival. But there is no official confirmation of the divorce yet.

Vittoria Ceretti, completely naked on social networks, is a provocation for fans

Vittoria Ceretti, completely naked on social networks, is a provocation for fans

Vittoria Ceretti, Leonardo DiCaprio’s new alleged lover

Vittoria Ceretti was born and raised in Brescia and began her career at a very young age. At 14 years old, in fact, as the magazine reports People, debuts as a model on Elite Model Look, one of the most prestigious international modeling competitions. She was selected as a finalist and signed with the agency. Since then, she has modeled for Versace, Dior, Celine and Louis Vuitton and has been the face of advertising campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Bungari, and Prada. In 2021, she was co-host of the Sanremo Festival.

As for his personal life, in 2020 she married DJ Matteo Milleri in Ibiza.

Vittoria Ceretti and Leonardo DiCaprio together

Ever since they were first spotted together on the streets of Santa Barbara, rumors have been flying wildly. Is there something between an Italian model and a Hollywood star? Second PageSix yes: the New York Post gossip page actually immortalized these two in a nightclub in Ibiza when they exchanged a kiss, confirming all the rumors. Not only. The relationship between them reveals a certain complicity.

The model divorced after three years

If there is less and less doubt about the feelings between them, then it is unclear whether the model really divorced her husband or not. According to the magazine WHO, Really, “There are rumors” that they broke up “at the beginning of the summer”. Second People, IInstead, Vittoria stopped publishing photos of her husband on social networks at the end of 2022. At the moment there is still no confirmation or denial. Meanwhile, the gossip mongers are waiting for more footage from what everyone agrees is already a couple moment.


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