Vittoria Ceretti divorced? Flirting rumors with Leonardo DiCaprio and misunderstandings on TikTok

Photos of Italian supermodel Vittoria Ceretti, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, have spread all over the world. Dozens of those who are wondering what happened to the marriage of the model and Matteo Milleri. What do we know about the alleged division between them?

Photos of italian super top model Victoria Cheretti paparazzi with Leonardo DiCaprio they have traveled all over the world. The model and the Oscar-winning actor were photographed together in Santa Barbara while eating ice cream. The move follows a series of gossip that the international press believes has been going on since the end of May last year when they met at the Cannes Film Festival. The alleged flirting between the two aroused the curiosity of gossip lovers from all over the world. First, because DiCaprio was involved with Gigi Hadid, a friend and colleague of Vittoria. And secondly, because Ceretti would still be married to Matteo Milleri, the world famous DJ.

Last meeting with Matteo Milleri and misunderstandings on TikTok

In the video where he talks about

In the video in which she talks about “ex”, Vittoria is referring to Tony Effe, not her husband Matteo Millani.

Vittoria was last seen with her husband Matteo last April when they attended the Coachella festival together. The couple has since disappeared. According to various rumors, it was Vittoria who indirectly announced the breakup in a video posted on TikTok in May, during the period of her acquaintance with DiCaprio, speaking in general terms about a former partner. However, this is a misunderstanding. In a video cited by the international press, the model, while playing the famous roulette, announces that the man in the photo “looks like her ex”. However, the ex he was referring to is not Millery, but hunter Tony Effe.

The Silence of Vittoria Ceretti and Leonardo DiCaprio

At the moment, neither Vittoria nor DiCaprio have commented on the rumors that they want their intimacy, and this is unlikely to happen in the future, given the well-known actor’s privacy regarding his personal life. However, it is certain that these two have the same circle of friends. Some of Vittoria’s colleagues are romantically involved with DiCaprio’s closest friends. A group of models Megan Roche and Neelam Kaur GillTogether with her boyfriends (both friends of the actor) and Vittoria, she spent part of the summer right on board the star yacht.

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