Vittoria Comics Goes to the Comic and Video Game Fair

August 23, 2023, 11:45 am

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VITTORIA – Waiting in Vittoria for the first edition of Vittoria Comics & Games, a comic and video game fair scheduled from 1 to 3 September 2023, organized and hosted by Vittoria Mercati and taking place at the Nuova Emaia Città Fair Citadel. Many names that will enliven these three days. Familiar faces who will stop in town to meet fans and have fun together.

Vittoria Comics, guests

Among the names is Ambra Pazzani, one of the most beloved and popular cosplayers in the Italian nerd world, whose career spanned ten years.. There will also be Sidonia, a landmark for the Pokémon community and the entire Nintendo universe, and Maurizio Merluzzo, an artist, voice actor, influencer and presenter who has voiced over a career spanning over 15 years in dubbing. the main characters of famous films and series.

But these three days will again be enriched by the presence of Alex Polidori.A 22-year career in dubbing and the official voice of Tom Holland of Playerinside, the wife of Italian gaming influencers of all-round video games, one of the longest-lived and most popular in Italy, Giovanni Mucciaccia, a multi-faceted Art Attack artist and Dario Moccia, one of the most famous streamers Twitch Italia.

As well as many other long-awaited guests such as Sabaku No Maiku., a true institution in the world of gaming in Italy, with many years of experience in the sector since Pentium, Aoy Queen, a talented cosplayer and passionate fan of video games and manga, Federica, a well-known YouTuber who linked his success in playing Pokemon cards and Cyrenis , an experienced League of Legends streamer. Last but not least, Monnie Knight, who will become the official host of Vittoria Comics & Games, known for her fantastic cosplay.

“Unique Initiative”

“We, as an organizer of exhibitions, believed in this event in many ways.. The initiative of five young creators, namely Alessio Tesola, Giovanni Melfi, Paola Yurato, Rafaele Assenza and Stefano Sallemi, was effective and unique in its kind, and for this reason we decided to trust you and cooperate fully with this organization, being sure that it will have significant feedback from the youngest as well as adults who love comics and video games,” said Carmelo Diquattro, sole director of Vittoria Mercati.”

Rich program for three days music, dance and tournament events, all presented on the official website

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