Vivo S6 5G are Controlled by processors from Samsung


Vivo S6 5G. Photo: GSM Arena

jpnn.comVIVO introduces its latest product, namely, the in-Vivo S6 5G by the end of this month. However, prior to his debut leaks about this device were scattered on a page of Geekbench.

In the leaked, Vivo S6 5G is safe under the leadership of the Exynos processor 980. This device is one of the devices with processors from Samsung.

In fact, processor from Samsung, which is already integrated and modem 5G. Vivo itself is not the first time, wearing this processor.

Previously, companies from China, which is already with processors similar in-Vivo-X30 and X30 Pro, which was a few months ago. were

However, if you do Tests on a page of Geekbench is that there are interesting things. With Geekbench v5.To exceed 1, the results of the Tests showed that the rating of the single-core of the Exynos-980 able Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 765G. The processor used on the device-Vivo-Z6 5G.

In the test, the Exynos-980, which is embedded in the in Vivo S6 incised result score single-core-694 is.

While the Snapdragon 765G in the examination of the similar to the record a score of 400 to 450. But both the score-multi-core in a similar way.

There are actually several factors that cause the difference in test results between the two. Exynos processor 980 is a chip 8nm, while the Snapdragon-765G the chip is 7nm. The small size of the Chips should be, then its performance will be more efficient.