Vivo the tip of the 2020 Offer Selfie-camera 16 MP


Apex-2020-screen ultra curved to the 6.45-inch bend in an angle of 120 degrees.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SAN FRANCISCO-mobile phone, the concept of vivo-apex-2020″>Vivo-Apex 2020 to have the settings of the camera, the two lenses with the camera selfie 16-megapixel camera in the screen. This is the first time that Vivo starts, a concept that as the camera in the bottom of the screen.

This technology eliminates the need to notch. As quoted CNETOn Sunday (1/3), this concept seems to be identical to that of the art of the camera in the bottom of the screen, started from the Oppo.

Phone Apex-2020-screen ultra curved to the 6.45-inch bend at an angle up to 120 degrees on both sides. This bezel, ultra-narrow aesthetic and futuristic produced.

No ports and physical buttons, instead of a physical button replaced by a button-sensing pressure virtually. The rear camera Sensor main camera is a periscope 48-megapixel camera with optical zoom can be adjusted continuously between five times to 7.5 x.

As a comparison, the Iphone 11 Pro Max offers twice the optical zoom, and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a four-times optical zoom. Huawei P30 Pro offers a five times zoom, although P40 Pro will come, speculated, optical zoom 10 times.

Vivo Apex in 2020, also includes wireless charging is 60 watts which according to the company, you charge the battery with 2,000 mAh in 20 minutes. However, in Vivo it is not the size of the battery, the Apex of 2020, to specify.

As mobile phones offer the concept of the Apex-Vivo-previously, the peak in 2020 a glimpse of how Vivo to see the future of mobile design. This also shows how far the Apex hopes to the limits of the hardware.

For example, the top of 2018, were presented at the MWC two years ago, the camera auto pop-up of the world. Finally, this camera is later in the phone-Vivo-flagship Nex S for a few months.