Vladimir Putin upped the ante and threatened NATO with military action over the conflict with Ukraine

As fears grow of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin warned on Tuesday that his country is ready to respond with “military and technical measures”To what he described as unfriendly actions by Western countries.

Putin, during a meeting at the Defense Ministry in Moscow, called for “serious” negotiations with NATO on security.

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Vladimir Putin denounced a “very aggressive” stance of Western countries

As tension grows in the region, Putin has warned NATO countries that he is ready to respond to any threats. Moscow demands that the United States and its allies in the Atlantic alliance give it guarantees that the bloc will not expand to the East and asked that the promises made to Ukraine and Georgia that they will join the military pact and the European Union be withdrawn.

“In the event that this position is maintained, which is clearly very aggressive on the part of our Western colleagues, we will adopt the military and technical measures that are appropriatePutin said. And he added: “We absolutely have the right.”

Putin, during a 2008 NATO summit. Russia protested when at that meeting NATO promised membership to Ukraine and Georgia as a blow to their vital security interests.  (Photo: AP / Mikhail Metzel, File).
Putin, during a 2008 NATO summit. Russia protested when at that meeting NATO promised membership to Ukraine and Georgia as a blow to their vital security interests. (Photo: AP / Mikhail Metzel, File).

Putin warned that “the reinforcement of US and NATO military groups on the Russian borders, as well as the organization of wide-ranging military exercises, constitute a serious source of concern.”

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However, Western powers accuse the Kremlin of deploying tens of thousands of soldiers to the border with Ukraine in preparation for an offensive that would begin in January, according to US intelligence sources cited by The Washington Post.

A new warning from Vladimir Putin to NATO
A new warning from Vladimir Putin to NATO

Vladimir Putin asked the new German chancellor for serious negotiations

Meanwhile, Putin had his first telephone conversation with the new German chancellor, Olaf Scholz. During the dialogue, the Russian president requested “serious” negotiations with NATO on the proposals for security guarantees demanded by Moscow.

For his part, the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, accused Washington of preparing “provocations” in Ukraine, including sending “an undetermined chemical compound” to the front where the conflict between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists is being fought.

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According to it, 120 members of private military companies are also in the region to train “Ukrainian special forces and radical groups in combat actions.”

Moscow annexed the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine and is suspected of supporting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine in a war that has killed nearly 13,000 since 2014.

Furthermore, Russia easily defeated Georgia during the brief warlike conflict of 2008. Western powers refuse to close the door of NATO to these two countries, but froze their accession processes.

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