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When it comes to choose a good mascara, it seems almost impossible to find the best one for our needs: we want one that lasts long and doesn’t clump, that gives us an attractive look and extra volume, and maybe also easy to apply and creamy at the right time. In general, this is a real flour! But Jennifer Lopez revealed her secret to always have perfect eyelashes, and she can only copy it. Here is her best volumizing mascara.

Favorite Mascara Jennifer Lopez

If you never know which mascara to choose to have it magnetic gaze like the starsGet inspired by Jennifer Lopez: as a true beauty icon of our time, she revealed her secret (cheapness) for dreamy lashes in just a few gestures. This is a product that is very cheap and delivers on its promise: no more false eyelashes, no more glue sticking to your fingers, and less likely results. L’Oréal Paris with his Volume Mascara Lash Paradiseoffers us the perfect and super cheap eye makeup solution.

Ideal for any type of eyelashes, delicate and non-irritating. It is also suitable for people with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers, so it can really be used in any situation. The rave reviews testify to this: many have tried it and appreciated it, rating it 4 or 5 stars (a good 82% of the votes!). But let’s take a closer look at why this mascara charmed everyone – including Jennifer Lopezwho can no longer do without it, having tried many other products, even much more expensive ones.

Lash Paradise is the best volumizing mascara.

Lash Paradise Mascara by L’Oreal Paris. gives intense volume in a few moments and lengthens the eyelashes, capturing even the smallest ones. The result is stunning: a fabulous look that will not leave you unnoticed. Its gentle formula is enriched with nourishing oils that ensure the correct lipid balance of the eyelashes. Among other ingredients, castor oil also stands out, which has softening and lengthening properties. Being a lot creamyit applies very easily and doesn’t leave any nasty clumps – one of the main problems that makes us try (and throw away) dozens of different mascaras!

The ultra-soft and rounded brush at the base allows you to capture even the shortest lashesto effortlessly add volume to the eyes. Apply it from the root to the tip of the eyelashes with short zigzag movements (especially at the base), spreading the product several times until you get the desired result. You will be pleasantly surprised by the final effect: a magnetic look that will captivate everyone. The mascara is not waterproof, so you only need a little. micellar water it is easy to remove without risking unnecessary damage to the eyelashes.

And finally the price: a little less than 10 euros for a voluminous and lengthening mascara that will give you the look of a real diva. Be sure to buy: we are sure that it will never become your new thing, an indispensable thing that you will carry with you everywhere, in your purse when you go to work or on vacation, to take care of your eyes with a simple beauty gesture. . What are you waiting to try? Let yourself be subdued like J.Lo!

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