Waiting for the Oscars 2023: for Sharon Stone the low cost (almost always) wins on the red carpet

Days and days of preparation, fittings, changes and frantic searches for the right look with which to leave your mark on the most sparkling red carpet of Los Angeles. However, as is often the case, there is always that exception that proves the rule, and it is Sharon Stone.

Attention, this does not mean that he does not pay extreme attention to his ensembles – absolutely not – but simply that he possesses an innate gift, a charm and a magnetism that even with looks created at the last moment – and even low cost – she always manages to shine.

Charm, intelligence and taste: here is the “lethal” alchemy of Sharon. A mix that has not hidden from as early as 1992in his first appearance on the stage of Academy Awards where, together with Antonio Banderasannounced the winner of the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing (awarded to terminator 2).

Put dark illuminated by a few sequins on the décolleté for the actress, in short, an “ever green” for evening events. However the shiny black satin dress never convinced 100% Sharon: «Nobody gave me a dress. Everyone was in their $40,000 or $50,000 suits while I wore Betsey Johnsonbecause it was the best I could do since I didn’t have a lot of money at the time».

basic instinct – the film that would have consecrated her as an international star and femme fatale – he had been out for too little time but that same evening, despite the concern for the outfit – judged by herself unsuitable for the evening -, she had the signal that things were about to change. With her hands joined towards her in exultation, in victory, Anthony Hopkins (which on that occasion wins the Oscar thanks to his performance ne The Silence of the Lambs) showed all his approval for the work of Sharon in the role of Catherine Tramel.

Indeed after the cult film of Paul Verhoeven the life of Sharon radically changed but not his luck with the red carpet of the Oscars. Let’s think about what happened in 1996, the year in which she competed for the statuette for Best Actress: for the 68th edition of the awards, the expected look was of a completely different make than the black jumpsuit. A pink dress made by Vera Wang That but it was never worn because after the delivery: «The delivery man reversing the truck crushed the box with the suit – he says Sharon – breaking the cardboard and leaving a tire track on the dress». When did it happen? Obviously the day before the ceremony.

Rushing to the rescue, however, was the costume designer of basic instinct Ellen Mirojnick who, after a first look at the damage, peremptorily ordered the plaintiff: «Go get your favorite clothes from the closet». A turtleneck sweater Gapa skirt Valentine, a tuxedo jacket Armani and the rest is history. Thus was born one of ensembles most iconic of Sharonso low cost that the mother had to sew a hole under the armpit of the shirt before leaving for Los Angeles.

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But if zero-cost outfits work so well – even in crisis situations – why change? In fact, two years later, in 1998, the timeless Sharon arrived on the red carpet in contrast with the dresses all sequins and sequins. Lavender satin skirt Vera Wang and white shirt Gap unbuttoned with the collar turned up and the sleeves rolled up.

Unsettling, chic, capable of perfectly embodying the phrase less is more but more than anything simpleabove all thanks to the white shirt that belonged to his then partner Phil Bronstein. Another outfit that has gone down in history and capable of inspiring other celebs. Indeed, Zendaya And Uma Thurman they revived the skirt and shirt combo during the Oscars of 2022. An icon of style, always beautiful Sharon Stone, that would not lose a pinch of its own charm even if he decides to show up in pajamas. But we know she won’t…

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